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What Are Our Facial Boxes?

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Products for Rosacea and sensitive skin

Calming Essentials Box

Flushed, irritated and stressed skin doesn't stand a change against these soothing botanicals within this kit. Good for those struggling with Rosacea, inflammation, dryness or redness.

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Skincare products for pigment or hyperpigmentation - Skincare Beauty Box

Pigment Control Box

This system will help to brighten and lighten stubborn hyperpigmentation and discoloration. As well as help to protect and prevent the formation of hyperpigmentation and photo-damage due to hormones, pregnancy, uv exposure and other imbalances.

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Products for glowing skin - Facial Beauty Box

Glow Up Box

Achieve luminous, radiant skin with this collection of products! These illuminating ingredients brighten the skin and allow you to glow confidently. Good for those with dull, dry skin.

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Skincare products for aging skin - Skincare Beauty Box

Anti-Aging Box

Beat the hands of time with these products were designed to help boost and regenerate your skin for a younger-looking complexion!

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