Do you find yourself struggling to find which skincare products are right for you? Do you feel lost when you're back in that cosmetic aisle looking for something else that might work? You are not alone. I struggled for many years finding the right products for me, wasting thousands of dollars on products that just weren't cutting it. A couple years ago I discovered Esthiology and became educated on how the skin works, how to care for it and the importance of the formulations in skincare products.


Consulting With a Professional

As tempting as it is to follow your favorite Beauty Guru or Instagram Influencer's skincare routine - the reality is, consulting with a skincare professional is way more beneficial. It is so important to have a licensed professional help you come up with a routine curated for your unique skin. A licensed professional esthetician is an expert that can recognize and understand the various skin conditions and possesses the knowledge and training to recommend the appropriate skin care products and treatments to restore the natural beauty and health of your skin.


Professional Home Care Products

Unfortunately not many skincare brands out there provide quality ingredients and formulations. It is important to find products that have had rigorous testing and backed by scientific research that formulate the products to actually work to give you the best results. Licensed professional estheticians are trained and educated on how ingredients work and how they react on the skin when paired with other products or ingredients. 


Bottom Line

If you haven't seen the results you have hoped for from over-the-counter products, consulting with a skincare professional and using the recommended products may just be the missing piece to your skincare regimen. Shopping at your local CVS or Target leaves you guessing what is going on with your skin and picking out products that you think are best. However, when you use products sold through your esthetician, we are trained to realize what your skin may need and suggest products that will adequately address the issue you have. This saves you all that time and money trying to find the right products that give you the results you are looking for. 


Are you ready to elevate your results and skincare routine? Beauty Brains Solutions is ready to help guide you on your journey. Together we will design a custom home regimen with a selection of the right products for your skin. Over time you will notice improved results for the effort and time that you devote to your custom skincare program!



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